Midnight Sun Fishing

The Fishing is Superb

When the ice thaws on Gordon Lake in early June, with the midnight sun circling the sky, the Lake Trout and Northern Pike fishing are at their best. After almost seven months under the ice as thick as 1.5m, a population of over 2.0M fish in Gordon Lake are awake, and they are hungry. With hundreds of small islands, bays and shoals, the fishing habitat on Gordon Lake is the reason for the abundance of fish. The Dene people have always known about the Superb fishing on this lake remote lake.

Hom’iiti is the traditional name, which translates as “Fishing Net Lake”.

The record for a Lake Trout was caught by guest Peter Cleveland in 2008 weighed in at 25kg (56.5lbs). The record a northern Pike caught by guest Tim Paicu prior to 2000, weighed in at 12kg (25.5lbs). Gordon Lake has an abundance of white fish and other natural prey for these predacious fish that will not leave your bait alone for long. It is typical that guests tell us they have caught and released dozens of fish each day and they arrive back at the lodge with fantastic memories and tired limbs.

What You Catch

Lake Trout

Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) are the main fish in Gordon Lake. since the water stays cool, the fish stay shallow for the entire month of June and the first week or two of July, then they begin to move to deeper water. They begin to move up again with the cooler temperatures in the fall. We are often sold out for September fishing dates, and the month of June well in advance.

As the water temperature warms up and the trout settle into the deeper holes, our experienced chief guide will show you where to go. Experience and patience pay off when fishing in deeper water where the big fish gather in August.

Northern Pike (Jackfish)

The lake’s record pike is 30 lbs. Northern Pike (Esox lucius) can be found in the shallow bays, or along the shore hiding in the weeds. Many of our guests enjoy a break from the hunt for Lake Trout to cast a lure for Pike. The cold water early in the season keeps the Pike on the move. Once the waters are warm on the surface in mid and late summer, the Pike settle in the bays.

At Sandy Point Wilderness Lodge we will provide a half day of guided fishing to acquaint guests with the operation of the boats and radios, and to learn the navigational markers on the lake. Novices and experienced fishers alike will appreciate the local fishing knowledge before venturing out to explore on their own. The lake is 50Km from south to North and varies in width 4Km to 6Km with hundreds of bays and islands to fish, explore or to find a safe haven.

The boats are 16’ Crestliners with padded swivel seats, marine radios, depth finders, and all of the safety equipment to ensure you are safe and comfortable all day long. We will provide rods, tackle and bait as required for our guest during June and early July.

When your team didn’t make the playoffs this year but you catch the monster anyways…

What We Provide

Fishing Boats

Nine 16-foot Crestliner welded aluminum boats with 4-stroke motors with radios and fish finders are available at Sandy Point Wilderness Lodge. Guests can keep in touch with other boats and with the lodge over the radio system.

Fishing Gear

The best way to catch that monster Lake Trout is with real bait. Cisco on large herring teasers works the best. The most common fishing rod used for these massive fish is a medium action 6′ or 7′ rod with 20-30 lb test. Of course, medium to large spoons are also popular (Daredevils and Len Thompsons).

We provide these fishing rods, bait and lures for your use should you not have your own. We also provide floater jackets or PFDs and rain gear for each guest.


At Sandy Point Wilderness Lodge we are predominantly a self-guided fishing lodge. Meaning we provide everything (including the kitchen sink) to make your fishing experience completely do-it-yourself. Boat, fishing road, radio, fish-finder, bait and lures and a map of Gordon Lake, including shallow spots, rocks and reefs.

However, if you are interested in having a guide during your stay at Sandy Point Wilderness Lodge, we can provide one. Guides must be pre-arranged during the booking process.

Fishing Licences

Fishing licenses are available to purchase online prior to your trip to the lodge. You can purchase them on the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources fishing license website here.

Conservation Policy

Respectful treatment of our resources is very important to us. We have a CATCH and RELEASE policy for fish over 10 lbs. For other fish which our guests release, we provide clear guidelines for gentle treatment, the use of wet cotton gloves, and precautions to not harm the fish. Barbless hooks are required by law in the Northwest Territories.

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Whether you prefer the subtle tactics learned to catch trophy Lake Trout, the constant action of smaller Lake Trout, or the thrill of casting for Northern Pike, these fish will all deliver endless satisfaction. Each day we will gather your catch and prepare smoked trout or BBQ’d trout for the evening meal, or serve a fresh fish fry at sheltered shore lunch beach where we have tables and a fire pit. The fresh daily catch will be vacuum packed and frozen for you to take home as well.

Fishing Day Trips

If you wish to venture further afield to fish for Walleye (Pickerel) or for Grayling, we will be happy to make arrangements with Ahmic Air to pick you up in a DeHavilland Beaver or a Cessna 185 to visit one of several lakes in the area that offer these species. Travel north to see the treeline and the Arctic Tundra (Barren lands) adding a scenic tour to your fishing excursion.

The fishing on Gordon Lake is superb and offers an exceptional experience for novice and experienced fishers alike.

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This package includes flights between Yellowknife and the lodge, use of boats and fuel, fishing tackle and bait, dockhand assistance, half-day guided orientation, all meals including shore lunch on the lake, Wifi at the lodge, access to all the lodge amenities, including hot tub, games, etc, and the cleaning, filleting and packaging of fish for travel.