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What's New?

We have ongoing improvements from year to year.  Over the last three years we have upgraded boats and motors, renovated the cabins, installed new woodstoves, built an addition to the main lodge as well as other improvements in our methods and facilities. 

This years building improvements will include a new foundation for the main lodge, new siding and an addition for the laundry, storage and office area.  The cabins will have some improvements as well.

 In January of 2008 Wings Over Canada and host John Lovelace aired an episode taken  at the lodge in the summer of 2007.  Copies can be purchased at the Wings Over Canada website.  We were very pleased with the episode, particularly the camera work, it truly captures the  simple, pristine beauty of this ancient lake.

 Joining John on the show were legendary pilot Joe McBryan of Buffalo Airways in his Norseman and northern prospector Walt Humphries.  Joe and his siblings grew up on Gordon Lake and shared many stories of Gordon Lake with John and his crew. 

 The reality TV show Ice Road Truckers is filmed on the winter ice road to the Diamond Mines which crosses Gordon Lake.  Now Joe and Buffalo Airways are also starring in a reality TV show starting this fall on his adventures running an airline in the Canadian sub-arctic. 

Walt Humphries appeared on the Wings Over Canada show to discuss the rich geological history of the area around Sandy Point Lodge and Gordon Lake.   His guide of the area is available here and is an interesting read, as prospecting is a large part of the history of the area dating back to the 1930ís.  (link to guide)

 Barry and Bradís Excellent Adventure:  (link here) Calgary Herald columnist and Professor of Political Sciences; Barry Cooper.


And two more caught and released!