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What Kinds of Fish Do You Find at Gordon Lake?

Gordon Lake has a very healthy fishery; the lake is 50km long (30 miles) and has over 800 islands, so there is lots of productive fish habitat. Sandy Point Lodge is the only lodge on the lake so our guests have the entire lake to explore and find their favourite fishing holes.

The Lake’s record for Lake Trout is a 56.5 lb whopper caught in June 2008 by Peter Cleveland of Ottawa.

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Predominant Species

The Lake trout (salvelinus namaycush) is the main fish in Gordon Lake, and since the water stays cool, the fish stay shallow for the entire month of June and first week or two of July, then they begin to move to deeper water. They begin to move up again with the cooler temperatures in the fall. We are often sold out for September fishing dates, and the month of June well in advance.

As the water temperature warms up and the trout settle into the deeper holes, our experienced chief guide will show you where to go. Experience and patience pay off when fishing in  deeper water where the big fish gather in August.


We use Cisco for bait on large herring teasers. The most common fishing rod used is a medium action 6' or 7' rod with 20-30 lb test. Medium to large spoons are popular (Daredevils and Len Thompsons). We provide fishing rods, bait and lures for your use. We also provide floater jackets or pfd's and rain gear for each guest.

Northern Pike

The lake's record pike is 30 lbs. Northern pike (Esox lucius) can be found in the shallow bays, or along the shore hiding in the weeds. Many of our guests enjoy a break from the hunt for Lake Trout to cast a lure for Pike. The cold water early in the season keeps the Pike on the move. Once the waters are warm on the surface in mid and late summer, the Pike settle in the bays.


16 food Crestliner welded aluminum boats with 4 stroke motors, radios and fish finders. Guests can keep in touch with other boats and with the lodge over the radio system.


We don't provide guides as part of our package, but we will provide one if you pre-arrange it with us. Guests operate their own boats and are given a map of the lake with reefs and good fishing areas marked. Our staff will provide updates and directions to help you find good fishing.

Fishing Licences

Licenses can be purchased at the Lodge. The price of a licence ranges from $10.00 to $40.00 depending on your place of residence and the length of time you require the licence. We accept credit cards, cash and cheques, but not debit.

Conservation Policy

Respectful treatment of our resources are very important to us. We have a CATCH and RELEASE policy for fish over 10 lbs. For other fish which our guests release, we provide clear guidelines for gentle treatment, the use of wet cotton gloves, and precautions to not harm the fish.

BARBLESS hooks are required by law in the Northwest Territories.